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Sprague CT

Town History

Located on the banks of the Shetucket River, Sprague was founded in 1861. Then Governor Sprague, of Rhode Island, was looking for a location to begin a new town. Finding a wonderful water source for a mill, Sprague purchased land from the towns of Franklin and Lisbon to create a place named after him. Sprague's mill, which stood for over a 100 years, was the largest mill in the town. (Tragically, a few years ago, the mill caught fire and was destroyed. All that remains of the once beautiful mill of Baltic is a pile of rubble.)

Villages and Hamlets

Sprague is located in eastern Connecticut. Bounded on the east with the town of Lisbon, and on the west with Franklin, Norwich lies to its south with Scotland and Windham to the north. The village of Baltic lies on the west side of the Shetucket River. Baltic today still has many of its original mill houses built in the time when Governor Sprague built his mill. Hanover, located north and east of the Shetucket, was another mill village whose mill is gone. Versailles, also a mill village of yesteryears, lies in the south part of the town and borders the village of Occum, a part of Norwich.

Sprague, like the towns of Plainfield, Putnam, and Willimantic, was a source of employment for many French Canadians during its mill days. Today, many French Canadian descendants still live in the town where their grandparents once worked

Town information

Town Hall Main Street, Baltic (860) 822-3001
Library (Located in the Grist Mill) Main Street, Baltic (860) 822-3012
Tax Collector Main Street, Baltic (860) 822-3003
For Probate information, contact:
City of Norwich City Hall, Norwich 06360 (860) 887-2160


Hanover Congregational Church
Main Street, Hanover 06350 (860) 822-6771

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
70 W. Main Street, Baltic (860) 822-6378

Baltic United Methodist Church
W. Main Street, Baltic
Mailing address: PO Box 707, Baltic (860) 822-1040

Versailles United Methodist Church
4 Church Street, Versailles 06383 (860) 822-9439 or (860) 822-1040

(Please note: Versailles Bethel Methodist Churches are united and are no longer a part of the Baltic Methodist Church. Baltic Methodist Church is now affiliated with the Norwich Methodist Church. )

Other information:

Sprague Historical Society RFD1 Baltic Sprague, CT
(Please note: Last I heard they met in the Grist Mill and their collection is located in the library.)